Acoustic Folk

  To me this song feels like going to the beach for the first time staring out at the ocean in breathless wonder.  I sang all the vocals and played all the instruments. This song was featured at and you may have seen it pop up as a promo on Yahoo, Facebook and various other places.

I write Letters to You in my head

Acoustic Blues 

Gods of Rock magazine says: "this should be the first blues song you listen too".  I don't know about that but, thank you.  This song is about that time you wrote an imaginary letter to someone in your head because you just never knew what to say in person.  Originally this was just two guitars and singing. The drums and bass were added later.  

Paved In Blood

Classic Rock

A good old fashion electric rock protest song from a soliders point of view concerning middle east conflicts.  Can't tell the good guys from the bad, Cause everyone's got a bomb in Bagdad.  I've written several antiwar type songs.  This is one of my personal with all of these songs..I played all the instruments and sang all the parts

One Size Fits All

Blues Rock

I've played this song in several different bands with varying results.  This version most clearly shows what I wanted it to sound like.  A sleezy little bar where all manner of cheap thrills are available..and after all when it comes to cheap size fits all.  

Low Profile

Umm..Electric 80s kind of talking heads pop/rock/blues fusion kinda thing

I really don't know how to catagorize this song..except as I have it listed.  I don't force myself to write just one kind of song and I liked that era of music seems natural it would have influence me in some way.  Everyone keeps a low profile once in a while for whatever reason.  lookin out for number one. This song also has a synthesized  horn section.  

Crazy Love

Acoustic Blues

I like to play this tune live it usually goes over pretty good.  Cause it's not too complicated it's not what you might think.  It's not the world a shatterin it's not the missing link.  It's just some kind of crazy love.  I wrote this song in about 10 minutes.  It was also the  first time I recorded harmonica. on a song. 

Modern World

Acoustic Folk

Harpsicord, oboe, acoustic guitar.  Tongue in cheek song about life in the modern world.  In the corporate cock fight may the best pecker win.  I've played this song and many, many gigs. The harpsicord and oboe were done with  a synth..along with a Boss drum synth.

Minimum Wage

Acoustic/electric folk

This is a electric/acoustic guitar folky protest song.  I sang this at a rally with Caesar Chavez for migrant farm workers. everyone loved it. On this recording I sang all the vocal parts..played all the instruments.  About how tough it is to live on the minimum wage..when your only benefit is workin overtime.

Spankin The Monkey

Acoustic/electric folk

This song always goes over good in'd be amazed how much people wanna sing spankin the monkey..Seems like the more money you make the less work you have to do.  so you will have lots of spare time to just sit around spankin the monkey.  Acoustic and electric guitar..I think theres a video on youtube made with this song.

Low Rent High Rise Blues

Electric Blues

This song has been really popular and several different sites.  About living in the lousy part of town..where you look out your window and all you see is a brick wall to the left and a brick wall to the right.  I like the drum track on this one,,I used a different drum machine.  Played all the guitars and did the vocals. One reviewer from Reverbnation said - "I am really moved by this song. I really think this is a great song. I love the vocals. The lyrics are amazing. The blend of music instruments go so well with this song. This song just pulls you in to it and makes you want to hear more." 

If I Could

Acoustic pop/rock?

Another one that is hard for me to categorize.  It's kind of an acoustic feeling/pop/jazzy almost sounding tune.  This one is about seeing someone you haven't seen in a long time and wondering if you should try to make it work again and thinking to yourself..don't know if I would..don't know if I should.. call back yesterday if I could. One reviewer stated "The vocals are distinctive and stylish. The lyrics are heartwarming and meaningful. The melody is tuneful and catchy. The instrumentals are balanced, varied and full. And the sound and production quality is clear and crisp. Overall I like this song"

I Wanna Know

Electric classic rock

Why it's the story of mankind..the lyrics kind of put out the three theories of where humans could have possibly came from,,you decide..did we crawl from the sea like a lizard on a rock or are we just monkeys that learned to walk and talk..I wanna know.  or maybe we're an experiment something to be observed or maybe it's a punishment and we got what we deserved..played all the guitars/bass/vocals

One Horse Merry-Go-Round

Acoustic Country

I grew up in suburbia.  This is the country version regarding the struggles of living in suburbia.  On this one-way street in this dead-end town, it's a never ending circus with a one horse merry-go-round

Domino City

Acoustic Rock

Been in lots of earthquakes both having lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  It doesn't seem to matter to people because they still flock there.  Riding that shock wave to domino city.  If one of those high rises were to fall it would be a domino effect.  Acoustic guitar and bass and lots of vocal layers. One reviewer from Reverbnation said - "thought the backing music was quick and fun and the singing had a fun feeling to it as well. The song had good lyrics and I really liked how the singers sounded together and kept up with the fast pace of the song. The harmonization was nice."

Black Widow

Classic Rock

We all know the type.  She got the snake bite perfume and a sidewinder walk.  When she's done with you boy they'll be drawin your outline in chalk.  I personally like the lead guitar on this one.  I played all other instruments..I also like the horn track too.  

Cruise Missiles

Classic hard rock

I played this song live in the pouring rain on the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento during a anti-war was almost electrifying..The story of nuclear war.  The Radio gives a warning about the impending attack.  The shelters have been opened and the people are tightly packed.. There's even a clip from a famous President Ronald Regan gaff where he announces that he's outlawed Russia and bombing begins in five minutes